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Accents and register

How to be a Brit The Hungarian journalist and BBC reporter, George (György) Mikes – pronounced / ɱ ‘i: ke ʃ  / – commented wryly in his book “How To Be An Alien” (1946), a classic of “British humour”, when – as a foreigner in England – he realised the importance of having a “suitable” […]

Walk the talk

“You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?” Introducing “embodied language skills“ As far back as we can trace, notions of proper conduct have been shaped by individuals, rather than by committees. Their starting point has been behaviour – often at mealtimes or during the public “stroll” – which has been seen […]

You never listen!

“You never listen!” How often a frustrated teenager might say that, and, in business too, how often people might be thinking this, but they do not say it – and barriers are building up, unseen? How do we “get” people to listen? Are we “really listening“?   A child might have listened a hundred times to […]

How do we measure success?

What is success? Certainly, from a coaching perspective, it is reaching one’s goals. The famous holder of the world land speed record (and on water too), Malcolm Campbell, famously said: “When you have reached your goal, set yourself another“. His son, Donald, continued the proud tradition of tempting fate and taking speed to the limit. […]

What makes a good blog about “confidence”?

Julia, our expert in voice coaching and performance skills in acting, says “I guess the basic thing for attracting people to a blog is – if someone has a lack of confidence – they’ll be looking, not at blogs which talk about “acupuncture”, but at blogs that talk about “confidence“!! “Talking about methods is useless without a ‘hook’ of a […]

New blogs!

Beginning a new series of blogs this Spring, we’d like to welcome those who visit this page via our new association with RussianUK magazine! Watch this space for blogs on all manner of subjects: building confidence (English for non-native speakers) giving a presentation with impact going for an audition or interview tools to access your subconscious […]